The Ultimate Reveal of Ola Scooters


The most awaited Ola scooters have finally launched in India. With incredible specs and at exceptional prices. Let me take you to the details of these Made in India scooters.

Ola Scooters Design and looks:

The design is something that brings Ola scooters apart from any other scooters in the market. For starters, the design is based on the etergo app scooter from an Ola acquired Dutch startup company.

The Ola scooters have an appealing, clean, simple, and classic design language. With a seat height of 792mm and 165mm ground clearance, it has aesthetic looks which can draw the eyes of everyone across the city.

Ola Scooters Power and Performance:

Ola scooters have the most powerful motor in the market with an 8.5kW Peak power output. For instance, the current power king Ather 450x has 6kW Peak power output.

Ola scooters have 2 variants S1 and S1 PRO. Both have a Mid-drive motor with 5.5kW continuous power output and 8.5kW Peak power output producing 58Nm Torque.

The base variant S1 can go 0-40kph in 3.6 seconds and 0-60kph in 7 seconds with the top speed being 90kph. But top model, S1 PRO can go 0-40kph in 3seconds and 0-60 in 5 seconds with the top speed being 115kph claimed by Ola.

S1 has Normal and Sports modes. S1 PRO has 3 modes Normal, Sports, and Hyper mode.

Ola Scooters Battery :

Ola S1 has a 2.98kWh battery with a range of 121 km. S1 PRO has the Largest battery pack having a 3.97kWh battery capacity with a whopping 181km range which is around 30% more than any other scooter out there in the market.

Ola Scooters Charging and Charging stations:

S1 can charge in 4hr 48min with the portable charger and S1 PRO in 6hr 30min with the 750 W Portable charger. But with fast chargers, they can charge as fast as 75km in 18 minutes.

Ola planned to set up the world’s largest charging station chain setting up 1,00,000+ hyper charging stations across 400 Major cities of India. As of now, there are no charging stations available. Ola claimed that they will set up around 5000 charging stations in around 100 cities during the first year.

Ola Scooters Chassis:

Both the variants have a 1359mm wheelbase and tubular frame suspended by a single telescopic fork at front and mono-shock at the rear fitted in 12-inch wheels with fat tires.

At the front and rear, both have provided disk brakes but no abs.

Ola Scooters Features:

The Ola scooters have some extraordinary features as follows.

– Proximity lock/unlock

– Remote lock/unlock

– Infotainment with 7inch TFT display

– Side stand alert

– The anti-theft alert system

– WIFI/BLUETOOTH/GPS connectivity

– Onboard navigation

– Reverse mode

– Get home mode

Besides, the S1 PRO has a Hill hold and Cruise control.

It has a 7inch touch screen. customizable display that lets you set up individual profiles according to various users. It has some features such as live location tracking, Remote battery and Health alerts, voice command, and Doorstep service.

Ola Scooters Prices & delivery:

The features and specs are exceptional but what about the prices and deliveries?

Ola opened booking on July 15 2021 Rs.499 and received over 1 lakh bookings within the first 24 hours.

S1 is priced at around 99,999 INR and S1 RPO is priced at 1,29,999 INR which can be lower in some states providing a cut on road tax and other subsidies. For instance, In Gujarat S1 will cost Rs 79,999 and S1 PRO will cost around Rs 1,09,999.

The scooter can be purchased from 8th September and the deliveries will start across 1000 cities.

Ola had planned to deliver scooters straight to buyer’s homes eliminating the traditional dealer network which can a game-changer.

Still, there will be so many questions that how Ola will keep up with the Quality of the product, How the product will perform on India’s adventurous roads, execution of the after-sales model and meeting the high demand, and much more.

hence the Ola scooters seem to be quite promising and exceptional for the price how it copes up with expectations is yet to be answered but the way ahead for the company seems flourishing.


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