Best Electric Cars in India


List of the Top Electric Cars in India

While many around the world have already made the shift to environment-friendly vehicles, Indians are just starting to appreciate the potential and usefulness of electric cars. In 2019-20, electric vehicle sales were up by 20%.(source)

Owing to this sudden interest, car manufacturers are coming up with new battery-operated vehicles almost every year.

If you are in the market, looking for the best electric cars in India, you have stumbled on to the right place. Here, we have listed out the best EV choices out there, both present and upcoming.

Take a look and decide for yourself.

Top Electric Cars in the Indian Market

1. Tata Nexon EV

With a 3 Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, the Nexon EV is one of the most impressive EV SUVs out there. Its Li-ion Polymer battery is equipped with liquid cooling to ensure that temperatures remain relatively low even after a long drive.

Even though it relies on electricity, this car can generate impressive peak powers of 127bhp. Moonlit Silver, Signature Teal Blue and Glacier White are the three colour options you can choose from.

Battery Capacity – 30.2kWh
Distance per Charge – 312 km/full charge
Recharge Time – 0-80% charge in 60 minutes with a fast charger.
Awards – Winner of Subcompact SUV of the Year Award at the 2018 edition of NDTV’s Car and Bike Awards. (1)
Price – Starting from Rs.13.99 lakh.


The British MG brand offers a premium EV, which counts as one of the top electric cars in India. It is powered by a similar motor like that in the Tata Nexon EV.

This impressively designed SUV boasts several brilliant features, including a 448-litre boot space, diamond-cut machined alloy wheels and power-assisted electric steering. It can also produce an immense torque of 353 Nm.

Battery Capacity – 44.5kWh
Distance per Charge– 340km/full charge
Recharge Time – Fast charging in 50 minutes. The normal charge takes 6-8 hours.
Price – Starting from Rs.20.88 lakh.

3. Tata Tigor EV

Powered by a three-phase AC induction motor, this electric sedan comes in Egyptian Blue and Pearlescent White colour options. The 310-litre boot space is an additional facility that can be very handy while storing luggage.

You can expect max powers of 40bhp from this vehicle, along with peak torque of 105 Nm. Under ideal driving conditions, this car can reach speeds of 80kmph.

Battery Capacity – 21.5kWh
Distance per Charge – 142km/full charge
Recharge Time – Fast charging in 90 minutes and normal charging in six hours.
Price – Starting from Rs.9.54 lakh.

4. Hyundai Kona Electric

Equipped with the advanced Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM), the Kona Electric is considered one of the best electric vehicles in India. It has a fierce pickup reaching 100kmph in just under 10 seconds.

Along with its spectacular mileage, this car can produce immense torque at 395 Nm. Power-wise, the Kona Electric can generate around 134bhp under ideal conditions.

Battery Capacity – 39.2kWh
Distance per Charge – 452km/full charge
Recharge Time – 57-minute fast charging and normal charging in six hours.
Awards won – Winner of Electronic Vehicle of the Year Award at the 2019 Tech and Auto Awards. (4)
Price – Starting from Rs.23.71 lakh.

5. Mahindra e2oPlus

A smaller body and a bevy of colour options are what define the e2oPlus from Mahindra. Although nowhere nearly as powerful as the electric SUVs in this list, it is perfect as a commute vehicle. Its 3-phase, AC Induction Motor is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, weighing 84 kg.

It can generate maximum torque and power of 70Nm and 25bhp, respectively.

Battery Capacity – 10.08kWh
Distance per Charge – 99.9km/full charge
Recharge Time – 75 minutes with a fast charger and six hours with a standard charger.
Price – Starting from Rs.7.57 lakh.

6. Mahindra e-Verito

Another Mahindra offering, the e-Verito is a sedan, unlike the e2oPlus. It is equipped with a similar AC-induction, three-phase motor.

However, this vehicle offers an immense boot space, around 510-litre, which makes it perfect for hauling large bags and equipment.

Additional features include an electro-hydraulic power steering and tubeless steel wheels. However, it is only available in a Diamond White shade.

Battery Capacity – 21.2kWh
Distance per Charge – 140km/full charge
Recharge Time – Fast charging in 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Price – Starting from Rs.10.11 lakh.
Upcoming Electric Cars in India in 2020 and Beyond
If you don’t mind waiting, you may also consider some of the best upcoming electric cars in India. Even though information on such vehicles is sparse, we have done our best to compile whatever we know about some of the most popular upcoming EVs.

7. Tata Tiago EV

After conquering the fuel segment with its Tiago, Tata Motors is expected to launch an electric version of the car as well.

With 200 Nm of torque and 135bhp power, this vehicle would be best suited for your daily commute.

Quick charging is also expected to be a feature in this upcoming model of the Tata Tiago.

Battery Capacity – 30kW
Distance per Charge – 130km/full charge
Recharge Time – To be announced
Expected Price – Between Rs.5 lakh and Rs.7 lakh.
Expected Launch Date – August 2020

8. Mahindra e-KUV100

Mahindra already has an electric sedan and an electric hatchback in the market.

This just leaves room for an electric SUV. While not much is known about the vehicle’s specs, what we know is that you can expect the power of 54bhp and a peak torque of 120Nm.

Moreover, power steering, power front windows and anti-lock braking are additional features to look forward to.

Battery Capacity – 15.9kWh
Distance per Charge – 147km/full charge
Recharge Time – To be announced
Expected Price – Rs.8.25 lakh
Expected Launch Date – June 2020

9. Nissan Leaf

The 2018 Nissan Leaf is all set to receive a facelift in the near future. With a better battery capacity, this upcoming vehicle will purportedly be able to dole out 148bhp of power, alongside a 320Nm peak torque.

Further, reports state that Nissan is looking to offer two distinct models, with the base variants sporting a 50kWh battery. The premium variant may sport a 75kWh battery instead.

Battery Capacity – 50 kWh and 75 kWh
Distance per Charge – 400km/full charge
Recharge Time – Between 8 hours and 16 hours.
Expected Price – Between Rs.35 lakh and Rs.40 lakh.
Expected Launch Date – February 2021

10. Mahindra XUV300 EV

Revealed at the 2020 Auto Expo, Mahindra XUV300 electric variant will likely sport similar specs to the base XUV model. Its primary competition is likely to be the Tata NexonEV, which is why you can expect similar pricing for this much-awaited SUV.

Mahindra has yet to reveal additional details, including battery capacity, distance per charge and more regarding this car.

Battery Capacity – To be announced
Distance per Charge – To be announced
Recharge Time – To be announced
Expected Price – Rs.18 lakh
Expected Launch Date – December 2020
These are some of the best electric vehicle options for you in India. While you may have limited options at present, do not fret as most brands are looking to launch new electric cars in the future.

It is high time to do your part in preserving the environment. With zero emissions and pollutants, these electric vehicles represent a sustainable way forward for the Indian automobile sector. Thanks to greater awareness, more people are thronging to purchase such cars today.

Choose wisely and acquire your dream electric vehicle today !


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