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EV Torqued was created not only to publish the breaking news of the day about electric vehicles, but to dissect it, promote it, and, most importantly, examine the how, what, and why of electric vehicles.Today, that hard work and dedication to plug-in vehicles and infrastructure is demonstrated through EV Torqued standing as the largest Internet property comprehensively covering electric vehicle news, as well as being the flagship property in the EV Network group of websites that are dedicated to the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

EV Torqued brings together some of the most knowledgeable, well-known insiders, as well as dozens of prominent contributors.So, whether you’re new to electric vehicles or a seasoned veteran, we hope EV Torqued will be a valuable asset, and a regular stop along your daily electric car news journey.If you wish to contact us with tips, suggestions, advertising inquiries, or even for penning a guest article please…


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